An autonomous event or part of a larger outdoor or indoor happening, the Graffiti Plastik Fantastik is a site-specific pop-up event for everyone to enjoy. It can be a workshop, a team building, an incentive or a combination of these, providing a unique graffiti experience for groups, collectives and families.

Using stretch foil as a huge canvas to spray on, this event guarantees street art excitement,
while keeping all your delicate surfaces safe and clean. Curated and mentored by
the Ljubljana Alternative Tours team, Graffiti Plastik Fantastik Events appear
in the form of unique indoor or outdoor installations at both urban and rural locations.

The Graffiti Plastik Fantastik Events can combine various creative processes, including organised graffiti workshop, spray painting spectacle by professional graffiti artists,mentored or spontaneous audience participation, DJ programme etc.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik employs spray painting in a rather unconventional way: actual walls are substituted with a transparent plastic foil, which is stretched between poles or trees in order to create a working surface.

The foil is then put at the mercy of all kinds of colourful interventions by participants or passersby whose spray paint action can be either spontaneous or guided by graffiti artists/mentors. Obviously spray cans are made available onsite to whomever wishes to express a creative idea. When an event takes place indoors,professional water based spray cans are employed that are user-friendly and have no particular odour.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik is a basic class in spontaneous creativity, direct engagement and active citizenship.Newly created graffiti quickly establish relationships with surrounding environment: with architecture, landscape, trees, bicycle lanes, billboards, etc. when outdoors, and with lighting, ambient, decorations, interior design etc. when indoors.

This process creates new images, new narratives, new spaces, new unexpected connections and new ties between participants.

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