Graffiti Plastik Fantastik is a site-specific (pop-up) event for everyone to enjoy. It can be a workshop, teambuilding, incentive and offers groups, collectives and families a unique graffiti experience. For one person or a hundred people.

By using stretch foil as a giant canvas to spray on, this event guarantees street art excitement,while keeping all your sensitive surfaces safe and clean. Participants transform themselves by dressing in multi-coloured protective suits and wearing protective face masks.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik appears in the form of unique indoor or outdoor installations. We regularly organize the event in the summer garden of the  Gala Hala (in the cultural center Metelkova City) or in colder temperatures in the interior of the club.

The Graffiti Plastik Fantastik can combine various creative processes, including an organised graffiti workshop, spray painting by spontaneous audience participation, DJ programme etc. It goes hand in hand with a private alternative tour Ljubljana Graffiti Tour.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik uses spray painting in a rather unconventional way: The actual walls are replaced by a transparent plastic sheet that is stretched between poles or trees to create a work surface that is then at the mercy of all sorts of colourful interventions by participants or passers-by, whose spraying action can either be spontaneous or under the guidance of street art instructors.

Spray cans are provided on site for those who wish to express an idea. If an event is held indoors, professional odorless water-based spray cans are used.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik is when fun meets spontaneous creativity with direct engagement. Newly created graffiti quickly establishes relationships with the environment: with architecture, landscape, trees, passers-by.

Graffiti Plastik Fantastik creates new images, new narratives, new spaces, new unexpected connections and new bonds between participants. An unforgettable experience can be immortalized with a graffiti on canvases that are put together to form a puzzle that forms a final picture.

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