With the Invader’s Street Art Tour you will join us in a real life video game, exploring Ljubljana’s pixelated urban art and other forms of street art.

We will visit the city’s largest gallery – the streets of Ljubljana, where we will get acquainted with the details of local street production. In the process, we will get to know the world-famous street artist Invader.

Through his project, the unknown but globally famous street artist Invader has freed these 8-bit retro characters from the world of 2D video games to spread them in 3D form all over the world and beyond – even in the stratosphere! With the first wave, 20 ceramic pieces and a score of 340 points, the street artist successfully left his mark on Ljubljana years ago, but how much do you know about these infamous mosaics? Have you ever “flashed” them? In 2021 Invader visited the city again, this time in the form of an exhibition at the International Center of Graphic Arts and through a new wave of brand new mosaics.

Find out more about Invader, his work, rubikcubism and more broadly about street art on the one-and-only Invader’s Street Art Tour.