The free graffiti tour of Ljubljana was amazing! I didn't know much about graffiti before this tour, so it really was fascinating for me. I feel like I... read more

    Elena P

      It was so interesting! The guy was very kind and available; walking in the city he explained us about graffiti, it’s kinds and slang. It lasted about 2 hours; we... read more

    Martina M

      Yesterday's tour was one of the best ways to take a quick look in the history of Ljubljana. It was a very cold day but the guide told us in... read more

    avatar thumb 48ur_kat

      The tour was excellent! Katja was really passionate about the art and she has so much knowledge about it all. Her tour was interesting and fun. Definitely recommend 💯

    Sváťa P

      I recently took tour of Ljubljana from a plague point of history. It is "infected Ljubljana" tour. I don't know if they do it in English as well but this... read more


      It was a great tour! The story was well thought and build up. We got a good view on the history of graffiti and how everything works here in Ljubljana!... read more

    avatar thumb Veerlezz

      We did a great Graffiti Tour with Katja on our trip to Slovenia. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about the history of Graffiti in Ljubljana.... read more

    avatar thumb Die B

      I don't like history, because I find it boring, but I really enjoyed this tour. Boštjan told us a lot of juicy and amusing stories of old Ljubljana and its... read more

    avatar thumb urskamaj

      Very interesting tour, we were given a lot of information and our guide had no problem answering our questions. It is a pleasant and different way to visit Ljubljana. I... read more

    avatar thumb MarieC5180