Very interesting tour, we were given a lot of information and our guide had no problem answering our questions. It is a pleasant and different way to visit Ljubljana. I... read more

    avatar thumb MarieC5180

      Really had a nice experience at the graffiti tour. It opened my mind about what graffitis stand for and why their presence can enrich a city. One of the best... read more

    Andréane L

      Loved this tpur, giving an insight into the more underground art scene in Ljubljana. Some of it to my taste, some or it not but all very interesting with a... read more


      We did a great Graffiti Tour with Katja on our trip to Slovenia. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about the history of Graffiti in Ljubljana.... read more

    avatar thumb Die B

      Since we are locals, living 5o km ourside Ljubljana and working/studying in Ljubljana, this tour (Alternative Ljubljana on bycicles) anabled us to see Ljubljana from another, new and secret perspective.... read more


      Our tour with Jaca the alternate musician was like a college course on street art, Yugoslav history, the good old nineties, and the housing squats. Important to learn difference between... read more


      I joined the Ljubljana Wicked tour on Saturday, and I must say I was really impressed. The guide was amazing, really knowledgeable and full of amusing stories. His way of... read more

    avatar thumb MANJA W

      Mojca did our tour and it was really great! It was very interesting to see the city in a different way and seeing things that I had previously walked passed... read more

    avatar thumb jdobss

      Our team definetely had a great time exploring the colorful streets of Ljubljana and then getting hands on in a workshop where we could paint ourselves and even take some... read more

    avatar thumb Eric_globetrotting