I don't like history, because I find it boring, but I really enjoyed this tour. Boštjan told us a lot of juicy and amusing stories of old Ljubljana and its... read more

    avatar thumb urskamaj

      The street art and graffiti tour with Katja was very interesting and entertaining, you get to know about things you usually don’t realize. We had a good time, definitely a... read more


      The walking tour does take you through some of the sightseeing highlights of Ljubljana, yet it gives you a totally different story. Street art and grafitti give an insight in... read more

    avatar thumb sieb355

      The tour was excellent! Katja was really passionate about the art and she has so much knowledge about it all. Her tour was interesting and fun. Definitely recommend 💯

    Sváťa P

      Do this tour! Ask for Katja. We love touring new cities by bike and enjoy seeing the hidden treasures that a community has to offer. This tour scored on... read more


      I'm sorry to leave a negative feedback guys, but you really need to improve this one.As a former street artist, I have been to quite a few of these streetart/graffity... read more

    avatar thumb petesoi

      I definetely recommand it to anyone who is interested in hearing about Ljubljana in a different and original way. This tour was the highlight of my journey in the city,... read more

    Maggie B

      Loved this tpur, giving an insight into the more underground art scene in Ljubljana. Some of it to my taste, some or it not but all very interesting with a... read more


      Since we are locals, living 5o km ourside Ljubljana and working/studying in Ljubljana, this tour (Alternative Ljubljana on bycicles) anabled us to see Ljubljana from another, new and secret perspective.... read more