Terms & Conditions

By ticking the “I agree with” field all participants, parents of participants and legal guardians of participants in Alternative Ljubljana activities (hereafter referred to as participants) agree and accept the terms and conditions that apply to all Alternative Ljubljana walks, lectures, workshops and other Alternative Ljubljana activities (hereafter referred to as AL activities) offered and organized by the Institute for Urban Question (“Inštitut za urbana vprašanja”) (hereafter referred to as IUQ).

1. By attending AL activities, participants understand, agree and assume full responsibility for any risk of accident, illness, personal injury, loss, death, property loss, damage, omission, error, delay, irregularity which may occur, or any other consequence arising or resulting directly or indirectly from participating in AL activities. Participants in AL activities acknowledge and agree that they participate in AL activities at their own risk. Participants in AL activities release, indemnify and hold harmless IUQ from any and all liability incurred in connection with attendance in AL activities. Participation in AL activities is at participant’s own risk. IUQ does not take any responsibility for damages to participant’s health.

2. Participants in AL activities are responsible for their belongings. IUQ is not responsible for any injuries or loss or damage that might occur during AL activities. IUQ does not accept responsibility for the damage to or loss of merchandise left in the street, venue or any other place/space prior to, during or after the activity.

3. Participants in AL activities agree and allow IUQ to collect and process their personal data and to use photos and other audio-visual materials, taken and recorded during the AL activities, for publication on the website www.alternativetoursljubljana.com
, on social media, and in promotional materials by third parties and by IUQ.

4. Participants in AL activities covenant and agree not to sue IUQ for any claims, demands, causes of action, grounds for suit, losses, injuries, deaths, damages, liabilities, fees, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs through all trial and appellate levels and proceedings), whatsoever, in law, equity or otherwise, arising or resulting directly or indirectly from participating in AL activities.
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