Would you like to create your own graffiti and come up with an awesome stencil design while you’re at it? Here are some introductory graffiti and street art workshops just for you! Under the guidance of local graffiti artists you will learn all the practical stuff and be let in on a bunch of spray-painting tricks. We can also organise a customised workshop just for you at Metelkova (Ljubljana) or at a place of your choosing.


All our workshops kick off with a lecture on graffiti and street art and a demonstration, including an introduction to spray cans and spray painting in general. After the step-by-step demo and the intro you will get the chance to do your own stencils and graffiti for quite some time, instructed by professional street artist. And yes, you will be using professional spray cans.


Our workshops are tailored for graffiti beginners (kids, teenagers and adults alike). We provide you with all the necessary stuff to have a relaxed and creative workshop, including all the materials needed (spray paint, acetate, cutting mat, knife, gloves, markers, pre-made images etc.). The workshops take place at the Metelkova cultural zone, more precisely at the amazing outdoor space of the Gala Hala Summer Garden (in warm weather) or at the Gala Hala club itself (when it’s cold).

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The Alternative Ljubljana workshops are supported by Gala Hala (Metelkova):