Ljubljana Street Art Festival is an international week-long street art festival, which will for the second year in a row color the days and evenings of the heated streets of Ljubljana.

The festival collage will feature a carefully selected set of interactive events, suitable for all generations of visitors. During the first week of July, numerous workshops, art paintings, exhibitions, art shows, guided street art walks with or without a bicycle, round tables and similar events with local and visiting street art names will take place at various locations around Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Street Art Festival represents the  modern and vibrant urban capital. It encourages visitors to read the streets, actively participate in events, and through the selection of festival venues, the event showcases street art beyond the city center. By providing suitable surfaces for the creation of wall paintings, it supports the current production of selected authors, while supporting the young, yet-to-be-established generation of street artists and encourages the theoretical exploration of diversity in contemporary Slovenian fine arts.

The festival program will be announced at the end of April 2020 so stay tuned!