Learn screen printing with Alternative Ljubljana! Join artists from the studio in Metelkova who will guide you through a silkscreen stencil workshop. In our two-hour workshop you will learn all the skills you need to get started with the simple screenprinting kit. You will learn how to cut stencils, how to print monochrome images, how to align them and also how to design your own print. A great way to introduce yourself to this amazing craft with the help of our fabulous instructions.

Based on your design, we immediately start cutting the templates. After you have created your own theme stencil, we will experiment with printing on different materials. In that way you can see for yourself the many possibilities of screen printing. We will crown the experience with screen printing the stencils on an organic t-shirt and a recycled A4 poster. The screen printing workshops are designed for beginners – children, teenagers and adults alike.

The basic 2-hour mono screen printing stencil workshop includes:

    • a local mentor for a group of 10;
    • an organic T-shirt and a recycled A4 poster for each participant;
    • all the necessary materials (waterproof aprons, cutting mats, prefabricated pictures, etc.);
    • all necessary protective equipment (gloves, face masks, disinfectants, etc.);
    • a safe environment with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the participants.

We can tailor the workshop activities to your needs, including:

    • silk-screen printing of prefabricated graphic designs (logo, artwork, etc.);
    • multi-color printing on materials (eco tote bags and patches);
    • place-specific implementation of the workshop for a larger audience of up to 25 people (groups, collectives and families);
    • international dispatch of screen printing material or handing it in at the reception.

Please contact us for tailor-made workshops. The workshops can be complemented with an alternative private tour of your choice or with a street art workshop. Suitable for participants from 10 years of age and up.

The silkscreen stencil workshop is free for teachers, professors, tour guides and other accompanying personnel.

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The Alternative Ljubljana silkscreen stencil workshops are supported by MetaTisk: