VJ Graffiti is a colorful and visually thrilling symbiosis between analog and digital art, united in a unique artistic performance. It is a mash-up of graffiti art and VJ animation that lights up the evening with a live spray-painting performance followed by a VJ animation of the artwork.

The event begins with a live-painting where the audience follows how the artwork is created on a canvas, wall or other surface. Next, it’s the VJ artist’s turn to color the artistic composition – the street art transforms into an animated painting with the help of audio-reactive visuals.

The icing on the VJ Graffiti is when the stylistically mesmerizing digital images are matched to the beat of any music. The result of this fusion is an unforgettable visual-musical performance that will simply amaze everyone.


VJ Graffiti will capture interest and attention at festivals, concerts, conferences, team-buldings, or any other type of indoor or outdoor event.

The event can be combined with a street art workshop, DJ program or performance.

We can tailor the live art experience to your needs – the on-site visuals can span for days and weeks. In a similarly way, we can customize the beam screening imagery and graffiti content. VJ Graffiti can be an indoor solo show or a group performance on stage.


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