Ljubljana Wicked Tour summons the mischievous history of Ljubljana from the Roman Emona, medieval era up to the modern times. Brought to you by the historian Boštjan Plut, Ljubljana Wicked Tour smells of pissed counts, cheers resourceful drunkards, presents odd drugs, prostitutes and angry mobs. You will hear the stories about the bloody prison torture, the magical treatments of illness, the old fake news, fearsome locals, and corruptible majors. Have a taste from the historical dark spirit of Ljubljana distilled into a bright wicked tour!

I definitely recommend Wicked Tour with dr. Boštjan Plut. If you want to get a real feeling, how REAL life in Ljubljana looked like, this is the way to find it out. Intriguing, shocking and bizzare stories hold your attention from beginning ’till the end of the tour.  Liked it very much!

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Sergej / Slovenia

A nice, different tour of Ljubljana. It was also interesting for a native of the city. It was never dull and it was full of interesting, less known stories. I recommend it!

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Nika / Slovenia