Free walking tour in Ljubljana: Ljubljana Graffiti Tour

It’s been a pleasure to deliver Ljubljana Graffiti Tour, the free walking tour in Ljubljana for the third year in the row. Now the time has come for us to make a short break yet you can still get in touch with us to book a private tour. The free Ljubljana Graffiti Tour is getting a rest and will be back and running next spring with more amazing street art, graffiti and unique interventions that we’ll show you along the way.

As always we are keeping our focus on the novelties in the street art world in order to present you this vivid subculture. The latest news has arrived by the one and only: Banksy. Even when someone doubted about the power of his subversion, he pulled another prank in the art world. Banksy’s Girl With Balloon right after being sold for 1,042,000 GBP on Sotheby’s auction started shredding itself. The how-to video published by Bansky revealed the razor-edged canvas.

Of course we will present him and many more local street artist on our free walking tour. Stay tuned for the spring edition of the Ljubljana Graffiti Tour!

Juxtapoz take on the action:

it was a grandiose ending to a successful week when the most bizarre thing happened.

According to the people in the room, just as the hammer fell down confirming the sale, the painting started shredding itself through the thick frame. The alarms went off, the staff took away the painting, and we’re yet to learn what actually happened there tonight.

But no matter the outcome, Banksy once again managed to steal the show, one of the world’s biggest art shows to be precise, taking his classic satirical critique I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit one step further

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